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apple-styleStyle is a very personal issue. Every person has his/her own unique style and this is reflected in their mannerisms, their dress sense, and their way of life and of course their homes. While all of the others are very individualistic in nature, homes are more teamwork oriented. Two people or more living together will come to certain compromises regarding the arrangements. Space then becomes a point that can be argued till kingdom come. Everyone needs their own space while living within each others space. Everyone will agree that this can escalate in to a non-negotiable problem at any time.


In today’s living, space is at a premium and space saving is a mantra that most live by. At Apple Style Homes we have stylish and space saving products that will only enhance your style statement. Be it ironing boards, clothes dryers, step ladders or shoe racks in India, we promise style in every product. We have items in assorted sizes and styles to fit even the smallest of spaces. We also have engineers on call who will respond to your every doubt and problem at the earliest.

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Compact living has been honed to a fine art. People are innovating and experimenting with the concept of optimum space utilization on a daily basis. At Apple Style homes, our agenda too, is space saving with style and panache. Why let ugly heavy bulky things clutter up your already reduced space when you can have modular sleek and stylish products that not only enhance your style statement but also enhance your homes leaving it clean tidy and free of clutter.

If you visit our site you will see that besides the above mentioned items we have a lot of other space saving units that will helpApple-style-homes you make your homes a neat compact yet stylish habitat, the kind that speaks volumes about you as a person. We all know that a person’s dress sense tells on a person and similarly a person’s home also reveals a lot about the owner or home maker. Come visit our Apple Style homes website and let us help you make your own style statement.




Great Designs Make Houses Beautiful And Spacious!


Beautiful houses need objects that are designed commendably. It improves the look of the house as well save space. Modern day homes are not too large and you need a lot of floor space which most furniture and utility items eat up. So the need of the day is space saving ones that let you do your work without making the space look cluttered. Even the balcony space is limited which makes it difficult to dry clothes in the sun. Jumbo sized cloth drying stands that can be fixed to the walls or ceiling make the balcony look neat.



Most houses don’t have the space for a shoe racks in India; but if the stylish shoe racks are fitted to the wall and can be folded then are indeed useful.You no longer need to keep them on the floor. Evenly spaced for keeping at least two to three pairs these are made of metal and can stand the durability test. You can keep using them for a long time which justifies the price you are paying. Stylish living is made easier with the help of the products and is immensely beneficial.Our busy routine does not give us enough time to spend on house chores.


The right products make storing things and drying clothes easier and the homes look great too. It impresses people to walk in into a clean and organised house with a lot of space. Portability is a must for all products so that they can be placed in other rooms according to necessity. It helps you to change the look and make each room look different. It also ensures convenience of use which enhances the popularity of the object. Safety is another factor that has to be looked into while purchasing a product. Proper designs and moulding ensure that the objects do not harm the user.

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